New Standards for Sea Freight Container Inspection Stands

The Department of Agriculture recently introduced new standards and competencies for persons undertaking the design, construction, repair, certification and safe use of container inspection stands.

The standards apply to all industry stakeholders, operators/ providers, and government agencies and aim to provide a nationally consistent inspection and certification regime and ensure compliance with statutory requirements, including WHS obligations. This regime includes a requirement that inspection standards are to be audited by a ‘Qualified Engineer’ every two years to maintain their compliance.

RKF ES would like to congratulate Alistair Inoue, who recently achieved the Qualified Engineer competency to audit, inspect and certify the Sea Freight Container Inspection Stands.

For further information on the new Standards for Sea Freight Container Inspection Stands or how RKF ES can help your organisation to meet its compliance obligations, please contact Alistair Inoue at or phone 07 3558 8914.