Project Description

Thickener and Clarifier Tank Repairs

RKF Engineering Services was engaged by our client, a mining company located in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, Australia, who required repairs to the external walls of its thickener and clarifier tanks due to concrete damaged caused by corrosion and reinforcement. Due to operational constraints the tanks could not be taken out of service during repairs.

We were required to design the repairs and provide on site technical assistance to ensure a high quality installation. Our engineering team has extensive experience with this type of repairs and on site technical supervision with over 40 years combined experience. The major obstacle in the work was that the tanks could not be taken offline during repairs. This meant installing repairs when the tanks were full and ensuring no leaks occurred during the install.

The design included high quality concrete repairs with cathodic protection installed inside the repair. The cathodic protection system utilised existing infrastructure on site so no new power or control cabinets were required.

As part of the design we provided structural rules to the repairs to ensure the structural integrity of the tank was adequate for a full tank.

Repairs were completed to the tank without any shutdowns and with no leaks occurring during the works. All work was completed within budget and on schedule.

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